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Blue fenugreek+ Imeretian Saffron

Essential kit for cooking famous Georgian dishes and why not adding for taste and color to your own dishes?  

Blue fenugreek

Mild, non-bitter and aromatic relative to fenugreek, grows wild in the mountainous part of Georgia.

 Add to stews ragouts och vegetable dishes.  The flavour develops on prolonged cooking and intensifies other flavours. Free from artificial flavorings or colors.

50 g 
Produced in Georgia
Imeretian saffron

Gives subtle, earthy, yet fresh citrus flavor. High in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and improves digestion. Used both to give color and flavor to rice, vegetables, soups and salads.

Produced in a factory where nuts, peanut  and celery are being used.
  20 g
Produced in Georgia

60 SEK
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